LGBTQ+ Family Building and Fertility Treatments

Our fertility specialists are proud to welcome and treat LGBTQ+ individuals and couples interested in growing their families. The Fertility Institute can help our LGBTQ+ parents-to-be on their journey to having biologically related children with standard fertility assessments, treatments, third-party donor coordination, and social and legal considerations.

LGBTQ+ Family Building

Planning a family for heterosexual and LGBTQ+ families alike starts with an initial consultation and fertility testing. Fertility testing may include a pelvic exam, blood tests, and a semen analysis.

Based on the findings from your and your partner’s fertility assessments, our fertility specialists will develop a fertility treatment plan to help you grow your family. These fertility treatments may include assisted reproduction technology, like:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Reciprocal IVF
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

If you’re interested in starting a family in the future, or after medically transitioning, as well as your personal family-building goals and preferences, our fertility specialists can help you with cryopreservation.

Testing For LGBTQ+ Patients and Donors

Patients and donors are tested for infectious diseases before beginning fertility treatments. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that anyone seeking third-party fertility treatment get a blood test to screen for sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, and other viral conditions that could endanger the conceptus.1

Patients with a uterus and ovaries will also have a transvaginal ultrasound and bloodwork that examines the health and supply of eggs in the ovaries. Your fertility specialist will also look for any blockages or damage to the fallopian tubes and uterus that might prevent conception.

Your fertility specialist will recommend genetic testing for everyone involved in growing your family, such as yourself, your partner, and a donor. Genetic tests reveal any genetic disorders that might get passed on to the baby or hinder reproductive success.

Louisiana LGBTQ+ Family Planning Legality

We provide knowledge on reproductive services for LGBTQ+ family building for informational purposes. Louisiana has very specific laws regarding most aspects of LGBTQ+ family building.

We advise our LGBTQ+ patients to seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in assisted reproduction technologies and the related Louisiana laws on embryos, surrogacy, adoption, and LGBTQ+ rights. We can recommend such experienced attorneys.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Fertility Journey?

If you want to explore your family-building options, you can request an appointment with The Fertility Institute specialists. Our team will explore all of your fertility treatment options, so you have the information and resources you need to grow your family.

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