Discounts & Infertility Treatment Financing

As part of our commitment to making fertility treatments affordable for our patients, The Fertility Institute can help you find the right discounts and financing for you. We understand that fertility costs can be a point of stress for hopeful parents-to-be, which is why we partner with a variety of programs to offer our patients support.

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CapexMD Fertility Financing

CapexMD is the preferred financing partner of The Fertility Institute, offering a comprehensive infertility treatment financing option with customized loan programs for all fertility treatment protocols.

CapexMD specializes in providing patient financing services for all fertility treatment options. With their easy loan process and competitive rates, CapexMD ensures the financial aspects of treatment are not an obstacle to achieving your dream of a family. There are a wide variety of loan options, allowing you to attain the necessary financing required to make your treatment affordable.

Each loan program is designed to fit your individual circumstances, and once approved, the CapexMD Fertility Loan Specialists will work closely with our specialists to ensure your funds are secured prior to the commencement of your treatment.

Benefits of CapexMD

Along with comprehensive, personalized financing plans, there are several benefits to fertility financing through CapexMD, including:

  • Specialist in Fertility Financing
  • Personal Attention
  • Competitive Rates
  • Easy and Secure Online Application
  • Pre-Approval within hours
  • Flexible Terms
  • Highest Confidentiality
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Retain your existing Credit Sources

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Paying for IVF: ARC Fertility

To help our patients find the right IVF financing plan, The Fertility Institute proudly partners with several reputable financial groups, including ARC Fertility Program. ARC and its member clinics are committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable. This patient-focused organization has helped thousands of patients by making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable.

ARC Fertility includes several different payment programs to help patients with varying needs:

The ARC® Fertility Program

  • ARC® One-cycle Plus: 1 retrieval and up to 2 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)
  • ARC® Two-cycle Plus: 2 retrievals and up to 4 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)
  • ARC® Three-cycle Plus: 3 retrievals and up to 6 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)

The ARC® Success Program

  • Two-cycle Success Program: Up to 2 retrievals and up to 4 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)
  • Three-cycle Success Program: Up to 3 retrievals and up to 6 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)
  • If you get pregnant and have a live birth, you will receive a refund for any remaining cycle/s.

The ARC® Pharmacy Plan

The ARC Pharmacy Plan provides easy access to discounted fertility medications. For patients who are purchasing an ARC treatment package, the medications can be bundled into the same loan for one monthly payment. The ARC Pharmacy Plan is available to all patients at ARC member clinics, whether purchasing an ARC treatment package or not.

ARC® Financing

ARC Fertility offers attractive financing options to overcome financial barriers and assist you in proceeding with care. The ARC affordable payment plans are offered with any ARC packages and (FlexCare) can be utilized for any additional services at your clinic. You can also bundle your discounted fertility medications and/or PGS testing into the same loan for one monthly payment.

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What Other Fertility Discounts Are Available?

Depending on your family and financial needs, our specialists can direct you to additional programs that offer discounts on fertility treatment and services:

ReUnite Assist

The ReUnite Assist program provides up to a 75% discount on specific fertility drugs not covered by insurance for eligible patients. Additional programs are also available for veterans or oncology patients undergoing fertility preservation.

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Military Discounts

As a partner of programs such as Compassionate Care and SART’s “Serving Our Veterans,” The Fertility Institute can help retired military personnel and their spouses receive support through fertility testing and services.

For Military Personnel & Veterans

Livestrong Fertility

We are partners with Livestrong Fertility. Livestrong Fertility offers reproductive information, resources, and financial support for oncofertility patients.

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Future Family

Flexible, financing plans from Future Family make it simple for you to get started quickly with IVF and egg freezing. Everyone’s fertility experience is different, and that’s why our plans are personalized to fit your needs.

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