Start the Journey

You’re hoping to have a baby now or preserve your fertility for future plans, but you need some assistance to make that dream possible. This is where your journey at the Fertility Institute begins. With advanced assisted reproductive technology and experienced specialists, we’re here to be your fertility partner.

Types of Infertility

Many of our patients seek fertility treatments to resolve issues with infertility. There are several different types of infertility experienced by men and women of reproductive age. At your initial consultation, our specialists may recommend that you and your partner schedule infertility testing to help us uncover any potential reasons behind why you have been unable to conceive. This can help us create the most personalized treatment plan possible and work toward a successful outcome.

Patient Education & Support

Fertility treatments require a lot of time, energy, and resources to navigate. No matter what your fertility journey looks like, you’ll have the full support of our specialists through every step. Our team understands that a big part of fertility success is educating our patients and ensuring that they feel heard and cared for. We are dedicated to taking this journey with you, and we take pride in the relationships we build.

Ready to start?

At the Fertility Institute, helping you achieve your dream of having a baby is our top priority. As you start your fertility journey with us, you can depend on advanced technology, a personalized approach, and emotional support through every step of your journey. Learn how we can navigate this journey together by scheduling an initial consultation today.

Your First Visit

Your fertility journey starts with the initial appointment, where we’ll review your medical history and family-building goals in detail. Your first appointment allows you to connect with our specialists, ask any questions you may have, and ensure that everyone is on the same page about your treatment options. Our financial counselor will also be available to help you understand your expected costs and financing options.