Paying for IVF

IVF treatment is a complicated and involved process with many steps that are tailored to each individual patient and their unique circumstances and family-building goals. As a result, the total cost of fertility treatments will vary from patient to patient.

When determining the costs of IVF, The Fertility Institute considers all factors and options to make your fertility treatment affordable. If you have questions about paying for IVF, our financial counselor is here to guide you through your options on your path to parenthood.

How Do I Pay for IVF?

IVF financing refers to a loan set specifically for assisted reproductive treatments, such as IVF. Before beginning treatment with us, you can meet with our experienced financial counselor to determine what option fits best with your budget.

During this meeting, we’ll verify your insurance to determine if any insurance coverage is applicable and review any discounts that can help reduce total costs.

As for the payments themselves, you can think of IVF financing as a credit card charge that you pay back over time. Our financial counselor can help you set up your monthly payments, offering flexibility with your budget and other costs.

Loan Options

Learn How to Pay for IVF Treatments at The Fertility Institute

To learn more about paying for IVF and how to reduce your costs, you can request an appointment with our financial counselor. We are here to support you and make your dream of having a baby a reality. 

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