About Our Lab

An important part of our success rates at The Fertility Institute can be attributed to the advanced technology and procedures practiced by our embryologists. In our state-of-the-art IVF lab, we are constantly working to enhance practices based on the latest developments in assisted reproductive technology and ensure a positive experience for our patients.  

Our Embryologists

With over 75 years of combined experience between our embryologists, you can depend on a qualified and highly skilled team to fertilize, culture, grow, and care for your embryos. Our embryologists attend annual meetings to stay updated on current IVF publications and techniques as well as collaborate with experienced colleagues in fertility.

Additionally, the majority of our embryologists have earned board certification through the American Board of Bioanalysis, which requires recertification every two years. By prioritizing continued education among our lab specialists, we can provide the latest advancements in techniques and procedures to our patients as we help them grow their families.

Maintaining High Air Quality

Controlled culture conditions and good air quality are important factors that can impact embryonic development and subsequent IVF success. Even the smallest fluctuations in temperature and gas concentrations during embryo culture can affect the development of healthy embryos.

Additionally, volatile organic compounds in the air have been proven to negatively impact embryonic development. An Alpha Environmental air handler removes contaminants from the air within our lab, so our patient’s samples and cultured embryos can be safely stored and developed.

Our lab also includes brand-new benchtop incubators with individual compartments for each patient. This creates the least disruptive environment for temperature control and minimizes exposure when we need to access a certain embryo. Each incubator has a VOC (volatile organic compounds) filter as a second line of defense for any particles not already caught by our air handler.

Experienced Lab Processes and State-of-the-Art Technology

Along with the dedicated experience of our embryologists, our IVF lab is supported by state-of-the-art technology and trusted processes to keep all samples safe.

24-Hour Monitoring

We use 24-hour CryoSentinel monitoring coupled with internal temperature probes to ensure the integrity of all cryopreserved samples in our cryo tanks. These newer monitoring models are designed to identify potential shifts in tank temperature quicker than previous systems.

Our Backup Generators

In the event of an emergency or outage, our backup generators are designed to power the entire IVF lab without interruption. We keep our main generator and backup generator monitored both on- and off-site to protect the integrity of all collected patient samples.

IVF Witnesses at Every Stage

Through every stage of the IVF process, we use a second physical witness to confirm there is no mismatch or mislabeling of gametes and embryos. While some labs perform checks at specific phases, our lab ensures a secondary witness is present throughout.

Emergency Preparedness

We know that during the summer season especially, Southern Louisiana is susceptible to storms and various natural emergencies. To keep our patients’ embryos, eggs, and sperm safe in the event of a natural disaster, we have implemented strong storm and hurricane policies.

If the lab experiences storm closures, any fresh specimens will undergo vitrification. Our cryopreservation process is done using liquid nitrogen tanks to keep samples safe and cool until ready for use, meaning they do not require power.

In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Fertility Institute, we were able to keep every single embryo within our lab safe due to these safety protocols.

Emergency Protocols

Vitrification Success

If embryos must be vitrified in the event of an emergency, our protocols still focus on success. Vitrification can be used at any stage of embryo development. The survival rate of vitrified embryos and oocytes exceeds 90%, allowing us to safely resume fertility treatments after the emergency has passed and still create a positive experience. *

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At the Fertility Institute, we understand that your fertility experience depends heavily on our lab. Our IVF laboratory allows us to help families grow by protecting, monitoring, and developing embryos at every stage. Start your fertility journey with us today by requesting an appointment.

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