IVF Costs

Fertility treatments, such as IVF, can cause emotional, physical, and financial stress for patients. IVF costs should not prevent you from achieving your dream of having a baby, which is why The Fertility Institute ensures you have the financial information you need to start your journey with us.

Along with the medical support and experience from our fertility specialists, our financial counselor is here to help you understand your treatment options. We understand that fertility treatment often brings about a lot of questions. We do our part to relieve stress and concerns in an already heightened emotional time. This is true about treatment plans as well as the costs involved.

How Much Does My Fertility Treatment Cost?

Your fertility costs will depend on the type of treatment you are undergoing, as well as any surgical procedures needed throughout your treatment. For many patients, more than one IVF round is needed to result in a pregnancy, which can also add to your total cost.

Our financial counselor is an excellent resource for determining the costs and coverage of fertility treatments. We recommend that you meet with our counselor before beginning treatment with us.

Financial Counseling

During financial counseling, our financial counselor will review your expected treatment costs and help you understand which approach works with your budget and needs. They’ll verify your insurance coverage, if applicable, and direct you to discounts or financing options that can support you.

How Can I Save on IVF Costs?

The Fertility Institute is here to help you save on treatment costs, so you can meet your family-growing goals. On our blog, you can read about our top tips on how to reduce costs for fertility tests, medications, and treatments. You may also be eligible for certain grants or tax deductions.

Additionally, our financial counselor is always here to meet with you. You can schedule a meeting with our financial counselor today to discuss your financing options.

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