For Military Personnel & Veterans

If you or your partner is a retired member of the military, you may be eligible for fertility treatment discounts at The Fertility Institute. Our team of specialists is dedicated to supporting the family-growing goals of every individual, including those who have served.

What Military Fertility Programs Do We Offer?

At The Fertility Institute, we understand that many of our veterans face unique challenges when growing their families. This is why we proudly partner with several programs serving veterans and spouses of veterans. Our military programs are put in place to ensure you have the financial support you need as you navigate your path to parenthood.


Our fertility clinics are a network provider for TRICARE, which offers assistance for veterans seeking assisted reproductive services. If you or your spouse are in need of diagnostic testing due to physical causes of infertility, you may be able to receive coverage through TRICARE.

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Serving Our Veterans Program

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) “Serving Our Veterans” program offers discounts to veterans who have service-related injuries that have impaired fertility. You or your spouse may be eligible for coverage if you are experiencing infertility due to an injury received on duty.

The Compassionate Corps Program

Fertility treatments often involve several different medications to improve the chance of pregnancy. The Compassionate Corps program offers assistance to veterans undergoing fertility treatments by covering the costs of fertility medications.

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Am I Eligible for Military Fertility Programs?

While each military program offers varying coverage to veterans and their spouses, there are a few guidelines you must meet in order to be eligible. Patients must be:

  • A retired member of the military or the spouse of a veteran
  • A veteran or the spouse of a veteran who is infertile due to a service-related injury, not otherwise insured for infertility medications
  • Properly tested for and diagnosed as infertile and requiring in vitro fertilization or another form of advanced reproductive technology

If you have any questions about coverage or paying for assisted reproduction services, please make an appointment with our financial counselor.

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