How To Save Money On Fertility Medications: 4 Fertility Savings Tips

How To Save Money On Fertility Medications: 4 Fertility Savings Tips

For 84% of people embarking on fertility treatments, the cost is their most significant concern. Our earlier post discusses the different factors that will influence how much fertility treatments will cost for you. For many, a large part of that cost is the fertility medications they must take. These ongoing, and often expensive, medications are a crucial part of fertility treatment, though. These are our tips for saving money and finding fertility savings on medications.

1. Review your insurance plan

If you have health insurance, first carefully read through your benefits. Many people assume that fertility treatments aren’t covered by insurance, but this depends. Review all the fine print to see if they cover any aspects of care, such as:

After you have a better sense of your plan, call and talk to a representative. See what other savings may be available to you. For example, they may cover certain types of medications or doctors in a specific area. They may also have prescription discount programs you can sign up for.

2. Talk to your doctor

Once you know what insurance does (and doesn’t) cover for your fertility costs, talk to your fertility specialist.

Any caring, reputable fertility team will be upfront about costs and discuss potential savings. Your doctor will review your unique health needs and then they can suggest fertility savings options. These may include:

This last point is important. Many fertility medication companies offer savings or mail-in rebates. Your fertility team will know about the best ones for your needs.

3. Look into grants, discount programs, or other financing options

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for fertility savings through grants or scholarships. There are also fertility medication discount programs available.

Find your options in the following list:

Finally, talk to your doctor for more information about local grants or scholarships that you may be eligible for.

4. Discover tax savings with your accountant

You’ve paid for your fertility medications, but that doesn’t mean your search for fertility savings should end. During tax season, talk to your accountant to see if you’re eligible for any tax deductions.

It will depend on a variety of factors, but they may suggest taking deductions for the cost of your procedures, fertility medications, or any travel.

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The cost of IVF and other fertility treatments varies person to person. If you’re in Louisiana or any of our neighboring states, contact The Fertility Institute today to talk to our fertility team about your options and potential costs.