10 Unique Gift Ideas For Someone Going Through IVF

10 Unique Gift Ideas For Someone Going Through IVF

From cute socks to med bags to handcrafted jewelry, these are some of the best IVF gifts to give to your loved ones who are undergoing IVF.

IVF stocking stuffer ideas

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for someone going through IVF, sometimes the smallest gifts can make the biggest impact. Fill their stockings with these cute and affordable IVF gifts. Or, give these during other times of the year just to show you’re thinking about them.

1. IVF milestone cards and affirmation cards

Positive, beautiful, and truly thoughtful, IVF milestone cards can help the couple appreciate the hard work that goes into IVF while celebrating each milestone as it passes. Affirmation cards read in the morning can be a positive ritual they both embrace.

Etsy has many options for these. We particularly like the milestone cards from Hello Treacle and the beautiful watercolor affirmations from Conceivable Designs.

2. Fun bandages

Injections aren’t enjoyable, but you can at least put a smile on her face with quirky and fun bandages.

Look for ones that feature her favorites, like unicorns or Rosie the Riveter. You can also find pretty ones with modern designs.

3. Fertility calendar stickers

Whether she’s keeping track in a wall calendar or journal, fertility stickers allow her to easily mark her appointments and milestones.

We love this set of stickers from This Very Crafty Mama, which features over 180 stickers to track her cycle, egg retrieval dates, injections, and doctor appointments.

4. Pomegranate juice and Brazil nuts

They may be old wives tales, but many recommend pomegranate juice during IVF to thicken uterine lining. Others note that Brazil nuts contain lots of selenium, so eating them in moderation may promote healthy egg follicles.

While they likely won’t actually influence the chances of IVF success, if they enjoy these foods, there’s no reason they can’t have them in moderation.

5. IVF socks

Considered lucky on egg retrieval or transfer day, IVF socks may be the most useful gift you give her. Many feature fun sayings and quotes. Find them on Etsy.

Gifts for IVF moms

Want to go beyond small gifts? These are some of the most thoughtful IVF gifts she’ll use during the process.

6. Heating pad

Heating pads after injections can help manage pain. Look for pads with comfy fabrics and flexible designs.

7. An IVF journal or planner

An IVF planner may be a place to mark important dates or it can be a journal that allows her to express her thoughts, worries, and hopes.

Some come pre-populated with prompts and questions to ask at the doctor’s office, like this option from Piper Patch Creations.

8. Helpful gift cards

Some look down on gift cards, but not those undergoing IVF. Make it thoughtful by looking for gift cards that you know she’ll use and appreciate. These may include gift cards for:

9. IVF medication bag

During IVF, she’ll need to have her medications easily accessible. IVF medication bags can be transferred from purse to purse or left on a nightstand.

Check out fertility-friendly IVF bags on Etsy, especially from sellers like Bearface Prints or Brides n Babes.

10. IVF jewelry

Some of the best IVF gifts are special necklaces and bracelets that inspire hope and beauty during the IVF process.

Many IVF patients wear fertility bracelets like this option from August Bird Jewelry or moonstone necklaces like the ones from The Tangerine Poppy.

Make an IVF care package

Finally, one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for someone going through IVF is IVF care packages packed with the things you know she loves.

Include some of the smaller IVF gift ideas from above, as well as:

Note that IVF patients do need to avoid anything with scents during some parts of the process, so make sure she can use any scented products before gifting.

Learn more about IVF

If you’re in Louisiana and interested in learning more about IVF, contact The Fertility Institute today to talk to one of our fertility specialists.