A Day in the Life of the IVF Lab: Quality Control

A Day in the Life of the IVF Lab: Quality Control

Welcome to the Fertility Institute’s IVF lab. My name is Beanie and I’m one of the embryologists who has the privilege to be part of your fertility journey.

Daily quality control

In order to maintain the ideal environment of the development of your embryos, we must ensure all of our equipment is functioning properly. So we will begin each and every day with quality control measures that will guarantee the parameters necessary to maximize each embryo’s developmental potential.

Such monitoring will include taking measurements of the temperatures and the gases of each one of our incubators and work stations. We’ll take temperature checks of our micro manipulation stations, in addition to making sure the temperature and humidity are adequate in the IVF lab. Remember, the quality of our environment is a major key to the success in our IVF lab.

That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for future sneak peeks of what goes on behind the lab door.

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