What Type of Questions Should I Be Prepared to Answer

What Type of Questions Should I be Prepared to Answer

The male and female reproductive systems are extremely complex, and at The Fertility Institute, we work with you and your partner to identify and solve your fertility issues.

Your doctor will ask questions regarding your reproductive and menstrual history, any previous pregnancies as well as details of your menstrual cycles, and accompanying symptoms, such as pelvic pain. A detailed contraceptive, reproductive and gynecologic history will be recorded including details of any previous infertility tests or investigations and previous infertility treatments.

For some women, it may be that ovulation (producing an egg) isn’t occurring on a regular basis. This could be the result of several conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or be due to an accelerated or age-related depletion of the eggs in the ovary. For others, ovulation may be occurring regularly, but the Fallopian tubes are blocked which means the ovulated egg isn’t getting fertilized by sperm in the tube. Another very common cause of infertility is that there are insufficient numbers of normal sperm to achieve a pregnancy.

Men will be asked to provide information regarding general medical, surgical and family history including information on previous genital or prostate infections, trauma or surgery to, or near, the reproductive organs. We will also ask for information regarding your occupation and exposure to environmental factors (heat, vibration, chemicals, pesticides) as well as general health questions regarding prescribed medications, non-prescribed substances and tobacco and alcohol use.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding your sexual history, such as whether you’ve ever had any sexually transmitted infections, miscarriages, or abortions. Your doctor will also want to know about current sex life, including the frequency and timing of sexual intercourse, whether you use lubricants, and if there any difficulties experienced such as pain during intercourse or with erection or ejaculation.

At the Fertility Institute, it is important to us that you feel comfortable sharing intimate details. Our doctors are fertility experts and providing them with a comprehensive medical history will ensure that you will have the best fertility treatment options available.

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At The Fertility Institute, our doctors understand that infertility is an emotionally trying experience. We are here to guide patients through the journey of fertility treatment, meeting both their physical and emotional needs along the way. If you have questions about fertility treatment or would like to learn more about our treatment methods, call The Fertility Institute today at (504) 454-2165 to make an appointment for a medical evaluation our offices in Baton Rouge, Metairie, Mandeville or New Orleans.