It has been a long few years and the staff at Dr. Dunaway’s office in Baton Rouge have been exceptional. I could never express my gratitude enough to Dr. Dunaway and his staff. They are always available and the two times I phoned Dr. Dunaway in the middle of the night, you could not have asked for a more polite person to speak with. Being greeted by Ms. Audry makes you feel right at home. All of the nurses have been absolutely fantastic. Ms. Jackie has the patience of a saint and the other ladies are just as amazing. The ultrasound techs make you feel extremely comfortable and explain everything in detail without any hesitation. The response time of the phone calls are unlike any I’ve ever seen. Thank you to Holly and Samone as well. You two have been great. It has been a long and emotional experience that started with surgery in 2014 where Dr. Dunaway found a surgical clip that had been left in me and has caused problems for years. I have had no pain since he removed that. I have had many various procedures over the last few years and at times I felt like giving up. I am glad we trusted Dr. Dunaway and his staff because now we have two little miracles that were well worth the wait. God bless these people. They are a huge part of our lives and we are forever thankful for them.