Dr. Huber Discussed the COVID-19 Vaccine and Infertility on WWL

He said despite concerns about it causing infertility, women who got the vaccine in the clinical trial later got pregnant

Logo of CBS station 4WWL, which did a story on COVID-19 vaccine and infertility | The Fertility Institute of New Orleans | NOLA and Baton RougeThe Fertility Institute’s Dr. Jay Huber spoke with WWL on the social media rumor that is scaring young women and preventing them from getting the COVID-19 vaccine due to infertility concerns.

“That since has been debunked, and [regarding] the cause of fertility or infertility after the COVID-19 vaccine, we don’t have any data to suggest that is the case,” said Dr. Huber.

He reported that the rumor started because the spike protein that the vaccine targets shares a small segment of genetic code similar to a placenta protein. So the question people were asking is would antibodies made by your immune system not only attack the virus, but the baby’s placenta as well?


“Women who got the vaccine in the clinical trial later got pregnant. It’s not a live virus vaccine, nothing enters your DNA, and the genetic material in the vaccine is degraded and won’t affect fertility or pregnancy.” – Dr. Jay Huber


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