Common Side Effects of Fertility Drugs: Patient Info

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The team at The Fertility Institute always wants to ensure that patients have the information they need to make smart and well-informed choices about treatment options. That’s why so many people in and around New Orleans come to our fertility specialists when they are considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other treatments for infertility.

When patients undergo fertility treatment, it’s not uncommon for fertility medications to be used. Let’s take a moment right now to look at some of the side effects associated with taking fertility drugs.

The Importance of Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs are a crucial part of the treatment process, whether women undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), or other kinds of procedures. These medications are used to help promote the production of certain hormones and help even out the levels of other chemicals in the body. By doing this, the likelihood for success during fertility treatment is increased.

Patients will receive various kinds of fertility drugs as part of treatment that they will have to take as directed. Some of the most common fertility medications include:

Common Side Effects Associated with Most Fertility Medications

The following side effects are common when patients take Clomid and other kinds of fertility drugs:

Thankfully these side effects are mild, temporary, and easy to manage. For the most part, patients will be able to tolerate these side effects, though they can be an inconvenience.

Common Gonadotropins Side Effects

Gonadotropins are taken in order to promote the release of a woman’s eggs when they are mature. This does lead to some potential side effects and risks that are worth noting:

These issues tend to be more serious to deal with than the side effects of other types of medications. While OHSS is temporary, medication may be provided to help counteract the issue. Fertility specialists will take great care should patients face issues with ectopic pregnancies.

Keep in Touch with Your Fertility Specialist

During your fertility treatment, it’s of the utmost importance that you keep in contact with your fertility doctor. This will allow you to voice any concerns and address any issues that you may be facing, whether they are related to the drugs you are taking or the side effects that you are experiencing.

By keeping in touch, these matters can get addressed as soon as possible and any serious side effects can be dealt with immediately. This is also a way of helping ensure a successful treatment that’s as problem free as possible.

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