Are You Ready for Your First Fertility Specialist Visit?

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, it may be time to consult a fertility expert. Since there are many factors and conditions that cause infertility, instead of worrying, you should take the first step now to identify the problem. Since 1976, the doctors at The Fertility Institute, have been diagnosing and treating infertility and they are here to help you in your journey.

When you arrive at The Fertility Institute, you will first meet with one of our fertility experts who will obtain a complete medical history on you and your partner. Once you have completed your medical history, you will meet with one of our doctors who will determine if further testing is needed in order to develop your treatment plan.

Reproductive partners are encouraged to attend the first appointment if possible. An understanding of the evaluation process and available treatment options can reduce the stresses of the unknown and thereby promote the supportive relationships required to successfully address fertility issues.

Your Medical Records and Insurance

You will need to bring your insurance cards, copies of your medical records from your OB/GYN, primary care physician and/or urologist and a list of all the medications you take, including herbs, vitamins, and supplements. Make sure, in advance of your appointment, you make a list of any medical conditions you or your partner have, as well as information about any previous infertility evaluations or treatments.

After one of our fertility doctors reviews your medical history and discusses the possibility of any male-factor problems, you will be examined. This may involve blood tests, a pelvic exam, and some tests for your male partner.

Answering Questions

Be prepared to talk about how long you have been trying to get pregnant and how often you’ve had intercourse, or if you have attempted intrauterine insemination (IUI) before. Your doctor may ask some of the following questions to determine next steps in making a diagnosis and starting care:

Asking Questions

Start keeping a list of any questions you have and bring them with you to the appointment. Make sure you list the most important questions first in case time runs short. Here are some basic questions that you may want to ask your doctor:

What are your Financial and Time Commitments?

Before deciding on your treatment plan, take this time to discuss how much time and money you are willing to commit to having a baby. Our financial counselors can provide you with information about insurance coverage and the two options we have available for financing your treatments.