7 IVF Podcasts You Must Listen To During Your Infertility Journey

7 IVF Podcasts You Must Listen To During Your Infertility Journey

If you’re undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), it’s important to tap into support wherever you can find it.  Whether you’re starting your first round of IVF or have been trying to conceive for years, you’re not alone. There are others with stories just like yours who know what you’re going through. IVF podcasts are a great way to tap into a source of emotional support as well as direct medical advice about infertility treatments. If you aren’t ready to join a formal support group, podcasts about IVF are a great place to start.

7 IVF podcasts we love

Ready to tune in? Some podcasts about IVF are lighthearted and relatable, while others are information-driven and hosted by experts in their fields. Find the right one for you and your unique situation in our list of the best.

You can find all of these podcasts through their direct website, but many are also available on popular podcast players like iTunesSpotify, and Overcast. Many podcast hosts also have a social media community where you can find like-minded people who are also going through IVF.


IVFML is a humorous and informative take on the journey toward parenthood. It’s hosted by a husband and wife comedy writer and health reporter, so it also provides both a female and male perspective into the IVF journey.

Most episodes are around 30 minutes, which makes it a quick listen on your daily commute.

2. Matt and Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure

Perhaps the most popular infertility podcast, Matt and Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure follows a couple trying to get pregnant through IVF for more than two years.

Now that they’re expecting, the current season is geared towards pregnancy after IVF, however, the entire first season covered their journey to get there. They even have a Facebook page for listeners who want to join the conversation and their community.

3. The Fertility Warriors Podcast

Hosted by a fertility coach, speaker, and writer, Robyn Birkin has helped more than 4,000 women on their fertility journey.

Through quick 15-30 minute episodes, she shares stories, advice, and tips for women who are trying to conceive. Most noteworthy, she runs a program called The Fertility Warrior Intensive.

4. Beat Infertility

Each Beat Infertility episode features two interviews. First, someone who overcame infertility and had a baby or is currently pregnant, followed by someone still on their infertility journey. It provides a great range of voices, experiences, and journeys in one episode.

Two doctors also contribute to this podcast to offer medical advice with a casual and relatable tone.

5. The Infertile Mafia

This IVF podcast is hosted by two women who simply tell it like it is. Listeners call The Infertile Mafia a breath of fresh air: no experts or doctors, just witty women who can relate when it comes to fertility struggles.

You can also follow them on Instagram for posts that will give you a good laugh when you need it.

6. This is Infertility

If you’re looking for a little variation, each episode of This is Fertility is hosted by someone new.

They often bring in licensed clinical social workers, patient care advocates, clinical psychiatrists, reproductive endocrinologists, and real patients to talk about the IVF journey.

7. Joy and Infertility

Podcast host Caley Porter spent four years trying to conceive before finally getting pregnant. She is now struggling with infertility again as she tries to give her three-year-old daughter a sibling.

The tone of the faith-based Joy and Infertility podcast is uplifting and hopeful.

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