Repeat Cycle Discount

We believe in doing the utmost for our patients and we want them to believe in us. For patients under the age of 38, if you have paid in full for your first cycle of in vitro fertilization with us, and do not have a successful pregnancy after up to two single embryo transfer procedures, your costs for your second IVF retrieval with up to two embryo transfer procedures, is limited to only medications, anesthesia, and laboratory fees. For patients age 38 and above, the Repeat Cycle Discount is applicable with the exception of the number of embryos transferred.

Military Discounts

We are in network providers for Tricare.  We are also a member clinic of the SART “Serving Our Veterans” program providing discounts to Veterans with service injuries that directly impact fertility.  The Compassionate Care Corps Program through Serono provides additional assistance with medications.

Other Resources

There is a grant program with Baby Quest that patients may apply for.  There is also a local organization, Sarah's Laughter, that provides support and a grant to an infertile couple.  The Fertility Institute is pleased to be a sponsor of the Sarah's Laughter, Baby Steps Fun Run which takes place in the spring in Metairie area and in the fall in the Baton Rouge area at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.  We donate IVF cycles and IUI cycles to lucky participants.  Please feel free to visit the website of these organizations for additional information ( and

The pharmaceutical companies that distribute the fertility medications, Merck and Serono, also have compassionate care programs that would provide significant discounts, should you qualify. Information on those programs are available by searching compassionate care serono or compassionate care mdr first steps program.