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When it comes to infertility treatment, The Fertility Institute of New Orleans (FINO) works with patients to make a whole-body decision based on finances, emotion, biology and religious concerns that the couple may have. While our medical team develops a unique plan for treatment, our financial counselor is committed to helping patients understand costs and financing options in their journey to start a family.

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We feel that by reducing the financial stress of fertility treatment, our patients have a better overall experience and even better outcomes.


Things to know about paying for IVF

One of the most popular and well-known fertility treatment options is in vitro fertilization (IVF), where eggs are fertilized in a lab setting to achieve a successful pregnancy. While this can be a life-changing option, it involves considerable costs.

IVF and insurance

Many insurers don’t offer fertility coverage. Louisiana is not one of the states where laws mandated insurance coverage of assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF. If you do have coverage, based on where you live, where your employer is headquartered, and/or your current insurance plan will dictate your coverage. It’s important to check with your insurance provider first. They may not provide full coverage, but they could offer some degree of assistance or rebates on fertility tests or medications.

Other ways to save on IVF costs

We encourage everyone to find ways to reduce costs as much as possible. For example, our blog on IVF savings has tips on how to reduce your costs for fertility tests, medications and treatments.

Patients may be eligible for grants or even tax deductions. Many patients also use health savings accounts to set aside tax-exempt money as they prepare for IVF.

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IVF financing

Once you’ve reduced costs as much as possible, set aside HSA (health savings account) funds, and worked with your insurer, it’s time to consider the remaining costs of infertility treatments. One of the most flexible solutions is IVF financing. FINO’s preferred financing partner is ARC, the most comprehensive financing for all fertility treatment options (see more below).

What is IVF financing?

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) financing refers to a loan set up specifically for IVF and other assisted reproduction treatments.
  • Think of IVF financing options like credit card charges that are paid for over time. Financing plans divide the total cost of your IVF treatment into a series of monthly payments, paid through trusted third-party lending institutions.
  • Monthly financing allows for easy budgeting, and it’s a helpful means of undergoing various therapies if money otherwise isn’t available to start treatment.

The Fertility Institute’s IVF Repeat Cycle Discounts

We stand by our services and our dedication to our patients’ success. That is why we not only offer free second opinions about treatment plans, but also the following IVF guarantees:

IVF Repeat Cycle discount

For patients under the age of 38, if the first cycle of IVF with us is paid in full and you have not achieved a successful pregnancy within a year of performing oocyte retrieval and after two single embryo transfer procedures, then the costs for a second IVF cycle (with two embryo transfer procedures) is limited to only medications, anesthesia and endocrine and embryology laboratory fees.

For patients age 38 and above, the Repeat Cycle Discount is applicable with the exception of the number of embryos that will be recommended for transfer.

Other discounts and infertility treatment financing

ARC Fertility Program discounts & financing

ARC Fertility is the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists in the US. and is committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable through fertility treatment packages, financing programs and convenient pharmacy plans.

Learn about ARC Fertility

CapexMD Fertility Financing

CapexMD is a comprehensive infertility treatment financing option with customized loan programs for all fertility treatment protocols.

Learn About CapexMD

Compassionate Care Program medication discounts

Fertility medications costs can add up, and this program offers eligible patients a 25%-75% discount on fertility medications. Military personnel automatically receive a minimum 25% discount.

Learn About This Program

Schraft’s 2.0 fertility financing

Schraft’s, a U.S. fertility pharmacy, offers assistance in financing for fertility medications.

Learn About Schraft’s Pharmacy

ReUnite Assist medication discounts

The ReUnite Assist program provides up to a 75% discount on specific fertility drugs not covered by insurance for eligible patients. Additional programs are also available for veterans or oncology patients undergoing fertility preservation.

Learn About ReUnite’s Discounts

Military discounts and fertility treatment coverage

FINO works with a number of programs offering discounts for members of the military. This includes being a network provider for TRICARE and a member clinic of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) “Serving Our Veterans” program, providing discounts to veterans with service injuries that directly impact fertility. The Compassionate Care Corps Program also provides additional assistance with medications.


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