Are You Taking the Right Fertility Supplements?

Health Digest asked us about fertility supplements like folic acid

Logo for Health Digest for an article on fertility supplements | The Fertility Institute of New Orleans | NOLA and Baton RougeThere is a supplement for just about any health concern today. If you take a look inside the modern medicine cabinet, you’ll find all types of vitamins, herbs, botanicals, etc. As you take your daily dose of supplements, do you ever wonder if they really live up to the marketing hype?

This article can help you determine how to know if your supplements are working, including fertility supplements.

Several supplements can help you on your fertility journey. The Fertility Institute of New Orleans addressed the benefits of folic acid for all women, particularly those who are pregnant or trying to be. That’s because without a daily dose of folic acid, a fetus could develop brain or spine defects.

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