June 19, 2017

Hormonal birth control is prescribed by doctors to treat many issues, from lessening the pain of menstruation to controlling acne. Birth control pills (BCPs) are also used to treat fertility issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis and Ovarian Cysts. But although BCPs are effective at reducing pain and ovarian cysts and regulating menstrual cycle, sometimes there are permanent health-robbing effects of the BCP’s that can passed down through generations.

BCPs rob your body of nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, which lead to an increase in symptoms of irritability, depression, insomnia and fatigue. BCPs also deplete your zinc level which may lessen your immune system and encourage insulin resistance. More importantly, BCPs may permanently disrupt the balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract which may cause a reduced nutrient assimilation, lowered immunity, and the overgrowth of pathogens like Candida. Finally, BCPs have been known to cause weight gain, water retention, hair loss, reduced libido and depression. So how can you bring your body back into balance after taking BCPs?

Whether you took the pill years ago or just decided to transition off it, these steps will help support healing and balance after the severe hormonal disruption caused by BCPs:

Step 1: Replenish Lost Nutrients

Because the hormones include in BCPs may affect our metabolism, digestion, and nutritional levels; you need to replenish your depleted nutritional levels while you are taking BCP as well as after you stop taking them. It is recommended that you take a multivitamin to prevent nutritional deficiency as well as to restore already depleted levels of folic acid, riboflavin (vit.B2), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. Also, make sure you are eating adequate amounts of calcium rich foods like dark leafy greens, sesame seeds, seaweed, almonds, quinoa, chia, as well as limited amounts of organic dairy, yogurt, cottage cheese because the prolonged use of progestin may cause a thinning of your bones.

Step 2: Herbal Support

If after stopping the pill, you still do not have a menstrual cycle, you may want to add herbs to your diet. These herbal supplements will promote hormonal balance, restore ovulation and bring back a normal menstrual cycle:

Dong Quai Dong Quai strengthens the uterus by regulating hormonal control, improving uterine tone, and improves the timing of your menstrual cycle. Dong Quai not only promotes blood flow to the pelvis where it will stimulate an absent or scanty period, it also nourishes the blood and is useful in treating iron deficient anemia.

Maca One of the best supportive tonics for our endocrine system, the Maca root supports overall hormonal balance and can support your body through times of stress. Because it is extremely stressful on our bodies to take synthetic hormones and then abruptly stop them, use Maca to restore your hormonal harmony.

Step 3: Restore Healthy Cervical Mucous

If you have a lack of cervical mucous you may want to consider supplements that have been shown to help promote healthy CM production. Supplements that have proven results for restoring healthy CM are Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil, L-Arginine and Fertile CM. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily.

Step 4: Abdominal or Fertility Massage

Massage therapy is one of the most supportive ways you can support the body in healing. Fertility or abdominal massage helps to promote ovulation, support communication with the endocrine system, improve circulation to the uterus and ovaries, and support the body in getting rid of excess toxins and hormones.

Although many women are able to get pregnant regardless of using birth control for years, some may have some lingering imbalances. It takes approximately a year from the time you stop using BCP’s to regulate your hormones and start a regular menstrual cycle. Whether you have just stopped taking BCP in preparation for conception, or have been off BCP for years, natural therapies can help you restore the balance.